How long can salt fish be stored?

  • Un-soaked salt fish – If the salt fish is to be stored after salting, it is best to shake any loose salt off before putting the fish in a storage container and sprinkling new salt on top of it. It is important to store the salt fish at 0–4°C, in an airtight container. If optimum processing methods and hygiene have been observed, the quality is likely to be maintained for many months.
  • Soaked salt fish – Can be stored chilled, at 0–4°C, like fresh or light-salted fish. To extend storage times it is best to freeze it; then it can be stored for several months.
  • Light-salted fish – Can be stored chilled (0–4°C) for a few days, like fresh fish. It is best to freeze it if the storage period is longer; then it can be stored for several months.