Our own fishing vessels are the key

Managing our own fishing boats is the key to ensuring that our customers get the best products and consistent quality all year round. It allows us to guarantee a timely supply of the raw materials and make sure that the handling of the catch meets our exacting standards .

Fiskkaup owns, and operates, one large longliner, Kristrún RE-177, and a smaller one named Jón Ásbjörnsson RE-777. The company’s boats catch an estimated 3,500 tons of fish annually.

Kristrún RE-177

Vessel ID: 2774
Year: 1988
Length: 47,7 m.
Width: 9,0 m.
Captain: Helgi Aage Torfason, tel.: 899-3944
tel. in vessel: 412-1174

Jón Ásbjörnsson RE-777

Vessel ID: 2755
Year: 2008
Length: 11,94 m.
Width: 4,18 m.
Captein: Sigurbergur Vigfússon, tel.: 692-3866

Halla Daníelsdóttir RE-770

Vessel ID: 2728
Year: 2006
Length: 11,13 m.
Width: 3,23 m.
Contact: Rafnar Hlíðberg, tel.: 895-8664