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Fiskkaup prides itself in hiring good employees who are committed to producing quality products. Emphasis is placed on excellent training and good facilities. Fiskkaup has an experienced workforce and a low employee turnover.


Name E-mail Direct Mobile
Ásbjörn Jónsson, managing director asbjorn "at" 520 7304 892 5374
Ásbjörn Daníel Ásbjörnsson, export bjossi "at" 520-7306 698-8242
Gudjon Gunnlaugsson, product manager gudjon "at" 520 7308 855 1770
Jóney Kristjánsdóttir, office manager joney "at" 520 7305  
Ragnar Helgi Ragnarsson, exports manager ragnar "at" 520 7302  695 9331