A modern fishing nation

Iceland is a leading fishing nation, and Icelanders have supplied consumers in Europe, and elsewhere, with excellent seafood for centuries. Iceland has installed the newest fishing technology, but at the same time the country has responsibly adopted sustainable fishing methods, emphasising the protection of fish stocks and securing this natural resource for future generations.

Salt fish has been produced in Iceland since the 18th century, and it was one of the country’s most important exports for a long time. Export of salt fish is still important today, and Icelanders strive to produce the best salt fish in the world. Steady progress has been made in the quality of Icelandic salt fish with attention to improved handling of the raw materials and better production methods. A key factor in the success is that producers in Iceland are able to manage the total process, from catching the fish to making the final product available for discerning customers.

Fiskkaup is a family business founded on this tradition, and we have decades of uninterrupted experience working on the production of quality salt fish.